Who doesn't know the legendary Birkenstocks ? We are sure that the answer is: everyone. In fact, we are talking about an iconic German brand in the footwear scene, founded in 1774 as a company dedicated to the creation of orthopedic shoes. Birkenstock 's success has continued since then through the centuries, until 1963, the date of the creation of the famous Madrid model, which paved the way for the brand to become international. Madrid was an orthopedic sandal, advertised as "athletic" by virtue of the classic flexible footbed adopted by the company. Since then, the Birkenstock collections have expanded with many models: sabots, wedges, flip-flops, sneakers, flats, lace-ups, work shoes, ankle boots. Ultimately, there is almost no model that Birkenstock hasn't created, some even in the vegan model, for those who care about environmental sustainability.
From a comfortable and resting shoe, the Birkenstock became an icon during the student protests of the 60s and today it is transformed into a trendy shoe, to be worn on many occasions not only for leisure, but also for work and social moments .

Birkenstock collections

Block60 has selected some Birkenstock models for you that will complete your casual outfit, in the city or at the sea. The legendary Boston clogs are a timeless classic of the brand that the Germans love to wear all year round. The ultra-comfortable footbed has an added soft foam insert that pampers your feet the entire time you wear them. The upper is made of very comfortable suede leather that hugs your fit. The shape is obviously anatomical and the single strap is adjustable according to your needs. It's a real must for anyone who loves this brand, which you can wear on informal occasions, with jeans and a t-shirt, whenever you need freedom!

Birkenstock footwear

The fantastic Boston Birkenstock model is also available in a warm and padded version, because the insole is lined with very soft lamb fur. Its comfort is such that you can wear it at home with your loungewear when you're smart-working to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a shoe designed just for you.

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With the iconic Birkenstocks you can think of a casual outfit made up of ba&sh and Bellerose garments to always be ready for any eventuality!

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