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Golden Goose is a brand that is making the history of sneakers, but perhaps not everyone knows that its immense production also includes accessories and clothing, as well as other types of footwear, such as boots. The style of the brand is always casual, with hints of elegance that make it one of the most worn not only in Italy. In the Venice LAB, the craftsmen who give life to the precious sneakers welcome customers by showing them the production process at the basis of their creation. In fact, Made in Italy, the choice of superior materials and a design that always knows how to adapt to the times are all fundamental factors for the brand, which is confirmed, with each collection, as a point of reference for a woman who loves a casual and relaxed, without neglecting the attention to detail, contemporary combinations and a real star look (like the Golden Goose star!). In our store, you naturally find the iconic sneakers and bombastic sports shoes, but also sweatshirts, jeans, jackets, bags and everything you need for a look that makes you feel good about yourself and doesn't let you pass unnoticed in the eyes of others.

Golden Goose women's sneakers

Golden Goose sneakers are a must for anyone who loves this kind of shoe and absolutely wants the top. Models like the Super-Stars or the Ball-Stars are essential when you wear jeans and a t-shirt, even combined with a single-breasted jacket like the single-breasted one, also from the brand, which you can find in our store. In addition to sneakers, Golden Goose creates sports shoes for your free time, running and the gym, such as the Dad Net, always with attention to the smallest details and with vintage finishes, but very performing in terms of functionality for the workout.

Golden Goose apparel and accessories

A look at our store will let you discover lots of Golden Goose garments and accessories, to show off throughout the season and beyond, such as shoppers, day bags, jeans and sweaters for work and leisure.

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With Golden Goose, you can match with brands like Haikure and Laurence Bras for truly amazing looks!

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