The unique and decisive style of NineInTheMorning lands on Block60 ! This iconic brand was born in Venice in 2007 and is aimed at true lovers of an essential item for men: trousers, declined in their casual and elegant versions, but also Bermuda shorts and jeans. NineInTheMorning has stood out, from the very beginning, for the maniacal care in the creation of its collections, which benefit from high-level designers and the highest quality materials and fabrics. The tailoring is the icing on the cake of these trousers that you can wear on any occasion: work, leisure, ceremonies, holidays, family, friends. There are no boundaries for the garments of this brand! Creativity and craftsmanship come together in a disruptive way for collections that know how to interpret contemporary taste (as you will discover by taking a look at the pages of our shop, dedicated to the brand) and become a must for a determined, dynamic, traveler, curious man of the world, who know they can count on always up-to-date and robust trousers, thanks also to the construction with technical fabrics. Jacket, sweater, t-shirt, sneakers, moccasins, flip-flops, lace-ups: try your new NineInTheMorning with everything and discover original combinations that will accompany you throughout the season!

NineInTheMorning new collection

The tapered-cut chinos, available in many colors, such as military green or in the pinstriped version, the over cropped ones, the elegant ones in linen are models from the new NineInTheMorning collection that you can wear with moccasins, sneakers or open sandals, because they are suitable to any type of shoe. If you love summer, the sun and the sea, Bermuda shorts are certainly the type of trousers for you: in our store, you can find both wide and relaxed ones, with fits below the knee, and more adherent ones with lengths above the knee.

NineInTheMorning jeans

With a brand like NineInTheMorning, jeans certainly couldn't be missing! Tapered with light washes, classic five-pockets with fringed bottoms, in black and white versions, the brand's jeans are always very soft and with a design that never betrays the contemporary spirit. Discover them all on our store!

Super match for Block60

The class of NineInTheMorning trousers creates perfect combinations with brands such as MC2 Saint Barth and K-Way , for casual looks, but always attentive to fashion.

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