Abbigliamento e Calzature Uomo e Donna — Block60

About Us

Block60 burst onto the scene of the Riviera Romagnola in April 1996 under the guidance of the founder Oscar Del Bianco, inaugurating a space in Riccione on Viale Milano 60 where the desire and passion for the search for novelty take shape.

The idea dictated by the visionary Oscar is to go beyond fashion by proposing a heterogeneous combo that brings together men's and women's clothing with accessories, glasses,
books and hi-tech together with corner shops.

A concept that arrives on the scene like a voice out of the chorus.

Renewing the adventure in the current location, the concept store opens its doors on 26 June 2010 inside the Palacongressi of Riccione in an area of ​​700 m2. The restyling becomes more and more one of a kind, the same taste is reflected in the choice of furnishings, fittings and every single piece offered for sale.

The attention to detail and the uniqueness of the products finally adds to the qualities that differentiate Block60 as a brilliant place where ideas with an incredible and unpredictable concept come to life that not only want to sell but also surprise. The customer enters an environment and an atmosphere that create a world, a style. This is Block60.

opening hours

Monday / Tuesday / Friday
10:30 - 13:00 | 16:00 - 19:30


16:00 - 19:30

Saturday Sunday
10am - 1pm | 3.30pm - 8pm