When we talk about a brand created by women for women, we are talking about ba&sh , a French clothing brand that has put its customers and gender equality at the center of its world. Barbara and Sharon, the founders who give the brand its name (Ba and Sh) start from the idea of ​​creating a wardrobe that they themselves would wear to share it with as many women as possible. In fact, ba&sh garments are wearable on any occasion: now romantic, now decisive, certainly suitable for a dynamic woman who loves to change and highlight her personality through the way she dresses. ba&sh highlights its Parisian origins, with a typically French mix of elegance and nonchalance, which is reflected in the dresses, jackets, knitwear, trousers, coats. The brand's philosophy revolves around the concept of inclusiveness: integration and gender equality are the basis of the company itself, which thus guarantees strong cohesion among its collaborators. Employment equality policy can already be seen from interviews and hiring and reaches working life itself, made of harmony and inclusiveness. All characteristics that are found in the garments that ba&sh creates.

ba&sh clothing

Block60 brings Block60 's most iconic pieces to your wardrobe. For example, the romantic white polka dot midi dress with V-neck and balloon sleeves, with an open back, made entirely with viscose that comes from sustainable sources. You can wear it with sneakers or with a more elegant pair of shoes according to your commitments, without distorting its versatility. The longuette skirt and the shirt with the same floral print in dark tones are classics of the brand: comfortable, beautiful and always made with sustainable materials.

ba&sh accessories

The ba&sh brand also produces collections of accessories , ranging from shoes to bags, from turbans to earrings, from belts to necklaces and which you can combine with the brand's garments for a successful combination.

Super match on Block60

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