Legendary, it's certainly legendary and, if you went through the 80s, you'll remember very well the kids with the pouch around their waist that hid the K-way. The brand's classic rain jackets were born several years earlier, in the mid-1960s, when Léon-Claude Duhamel, looking out from a café in Paris at the rain falling on people, decided it was time to make a less bulky garment than a raincoat (which you don't always carry with you), but performing in the same way. He wanted to call it "en cas de" or "in case of" (rain, of course), but his marketing department offered him something more exotic. By mixing the two points of view (the K which reads "ca", as "case" and the "way" which refers to the American lifestyle) the name was born which soon became legendary. From the packable and waterproof jacket, the brand has moved on to many other models, including long and short down jackets. Naturally, the iconic model with front zip, wide sleeves to be worn all over and a hood, remains a must-have even today.
In our store, you will find different types of jackets from the new collection that will be faithful companions for the mid-season.

K-way men's jackets

K-way offers us a timeless classic: the short, slim-fit jacket with hood, water-repellent, windproof and breathable, with heat-taped seams, to be worn in your free time, but also for going to work. It is one of those garments that cannot be given up, because they are always needed: from the mountains to the sea, passing through the city, a jacket like this saves you in many situations.

K-way new collection

The new K-way collection features models that are revised every year, such as the slim fit waterproof nylon ottoman jacket with hidden hood in the collar and patch pockets, which you can wear over a sweater or a t-shirt, with jeans and sneakers for an informal free time look.

Super match on Block60

When you wear a K-way garment, you can combine it with a pair of Briglia 1949 trousers or a Department 5 garment for a super relaxed look.

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