“Workwear since 1922”: this is how Dickies presents itself, the casual and streetwear brand that comes from America and also conquers the European market! As early as 1918, Williamson and Colonel Dickie had opened a general store selling overalls, but it was in 1922, when the Williamson family took over the business, calling it the "Williamson Dickie Manufacturing Company" that the history of this brand began. First official supplier of US uniforms during World War II, then diversification with workwear: the turning point came precisely then, when customers began to use the garments no longer only for work, but also for everyone's life the days. Hidden seams and other precautions made the garments very resistant and appreciated.
Since the 1950s, everyone in Americans has wanted the brand's collections and above all its legendary trousers, such as the 874 model, created for the first time in 1926, but which has since become part of the collective imagination in the USA: a continuous model, remains intact over the years with few changes to each collection.

Dickies clothing

Dickies collections are comfortable, young and designed for dynamic and sporty people. The soft hooded sweatshirts, the t-shirts, the trousers with a zip on the leg to transform them from long pants into Bermuda shorts, the waistcoats, the checkered shirts, the packable jackets all tell us about clothing that is above all functional, studied for leisure and outdoor life. The sturdiness, the colorful patterns, the wide and comfortable cuts are the result of decades of research in the workwear and streetwear field, which is now depopulating here too!

Dickies pants

Dickies trousers are among the first garments made by the brand and their robustness continues to this day. Functional, colourful, made with resistant materials, the brand's models are designed for your free time. The 874, Dickies icon, is today the most loved trousers by skaters for the straight leg, the classic fit and the fact that it always remains perfect because it is stain and crease resistant.

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With Dickies and its casual look, you can combine garments such as Carne Bollente and Clot for super trendy mixes!

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