Bellerose is a Belgian clothing brand , founded in 1989 by Patrick Van Heurck, already an entrepreneur in the men's fashion sector. Patrick, who has always been fascinated by the history and craftsmanship of clothing, sets out to discover the United States and its fashion side. During one of his periodic trips, he discovers the pretty village of Bellerose on Long Island (New York) , which immediately inspires him: this is what the name of the brand he was about to found would have been!
Bellerose garments are casual, but with a smart touch. Their main feature is the resistance, given by the quality of the materials used: a lot of research on raw materials and the choice of suppliers who share the philosophy of sustainability bring to Bellerose 's customers garments made to last, aesthetically in line with market trends, very minimal and suitable for a dynamic lifestyle. Dresses, t-shirts, trousers, jeans, coats, jackets, knitwear, accessories populate a wardrobe where sportiness is at the center, but always with that all-European attention to the glam side of a collection. On Block60 , you will find the iconic garments of a brand that has been able to establish itself as a star on the world scene of easy-to-wear clothing .

Bellerose clothing

The Gorki shirt by Bellerose is a great classic: mandarin collar, over fit, curved hem on the back and a 100% cotton composition, make this garment a must that you can wear with jeans or with something more elegant, for always be at ease in any situation. The romantic Geral V-neck pullover reflects the tastes of a bon-ton girl, thanks to the powder color and the slim fit that caresses the body with that 3% elastane, which makes the fit tight. Mohair and merino wool make this sweater soft and suitable for any day outfit.

Bellerose collections

Bellerose presents complete collections, which also include accessories , such as socks, belts, scarves, bags and costume jewelery consisting of necklaces, brooches, earrings, which will complete your outfit in a surprising way.

Super match for Block60

With Bellerose , we suggest combinations with ba&sh and with Equipment Femme , for an amazing look!

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