Boglioli is an Italian clothing brand that considers its historic headquarters in Gambara (in the province of Brescia) a Tailoring House. Here, tradition and its firm roots in the past meet the future of new fashion trends for collections with a retro charm, where quality and artisan excellence define unique garments with a timeless design.
The attention to design and details still moves through the patterns, while the fabrics are treated with the most modern technologies, for extraordinary results in terms of quality, patterns and color that speak of precious and unique garments such as jackets, essential garments for men, always. Each garment is made by hand: the fabrics are cut by hand and sewn by hand. Even the final ironing becomes a ritual to define when a garment is really ready to leave the company and become part of your wardrobe!
In our store, we have thought of brand garments that will be timeless must-haves and that you can wear for many seasons to come.

Boglioli jackets

Surely, an elegant man at heart (even when he wears casual) cannot do without an iconic garment such as a jacket. Perfect for any occasion, from the easiest to the smartest, the Boglioli jacket is a concentrate of craftsmanship and passion for one's work. The models that we offer combine wearability, elegance and tradition that materialize through the use of 14 micron wool, garment-dyed cashmere, velvet and tencel for unstructured models with impalpable lightness. From the elegant and distinctive Dinner jacket to the easy-to-wear and relaxed one with large patch pockets, in our store you will surely find the one that best suits your commitments.

Boglioli clothing

In addition to the iconic jackets, Boglioli produces entire lines of clothing that are divided between supersoft dresses, knitwear and accessories, in soft colors, for a distinctive and timeless look.

Super match on Block60

An iconic band like Boglioli can be combined with other brands that embrace its refined philosophy, such as Briglia 1949 or NineInTheMorning , for an elegant and sober look, suitable for any situation.

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