Briglia 1949 was born in 2012 from decades of experience in fashion, in particular in the creation of men's tailored garments. We speak, in particular, of trousers, inspired by that English Old Style so refined and elegant, that it is always perfect on every occasion. The name Briglia is chosen by the founder of the brand, borrowed from his passion for horse riding.
Briglia 1949 garments are very linear, classic and leave little room for overly imaginative flights: these are trousers you can always count on, for their class and sturdiness, to be worn with lace-ups, with sneakers, with the jacket or with a t-shirt, with the certainty of always being at ease. Each model of the brand comes from careful technological research on fabrics and treatments: in this way, the trousers adapt to men of all ages, who feel the strong need for an excellent fit garment with attention to the smallest details. Precious wools, exclusive denims, and then cotton, velvet, boiled wool are the materials with which trousers with different fits are made, from tapered to broad, up to slim, which will also satisfy your needs for elegance and comfort.

Bridle 1949 trousers

In our store, you can find the classic Briglia 1949 models, those in cotton, with welt pockets and that 2% elastane that makes them so soft and slim. You can wear them with elegant shoes for a business appointment or with sneakers in your free time and you will always be perfect! These models are designed for everyday life: this is why they are so comfortable and their fit is so studied.

Bridle 1949 joggers

In the vast, albeit sectorial, production of Briglia 1949 , there are models of joggers that you can wear not only in your free time, but also at work, because they are made in cotton and not in fleece, but the drawstring with laces at the waist ensures that touch casual that you will appreciate.

Super match on Block60

Briglia 1949 trousers are the ideal base for an outfit made up of Diesel and Lacoste , based on your mood, casual or smart-casual!

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