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Collina Strada is more than a clothing brand, because it was born as a platform for awareness and sharing of social issues. Founded by Hillary Taymour, this platform has also been able to transform itself into a brand, thanks to the creative and entrepreneurial ability of its creator. Based in New York, the brand wants to transcend styles and labels to show itself in all its authenticity, reinventing great classics with the addition of new and original details. At the base of the brand's philosophy is introspection, the ability to look inside and understand what you really want. Colorful dresses, long and short, for women of all ages, trousers, t-shirts, shirts, overalls speak to an original person, who wants to make a difference in the world and also wants to declare it with his way of dressing. In our store, we have selected various garments from this very original brand, which talks to us about how to ride the great transformations underway, so as not to fall behind, but remaining master of one's life.

Hill Road clothing

Collina Strada is a truly special band, because it combines awareness and sensitivity towards social problems, environmental sustainability and issues related to current affairs, managing with remarkable skill to include all these themes in its collections, thanks to studied patterns, materials and processes that respect the environment and the accuracy of the realization. In this way, original, super colorful and sparkling collections are obtained that the brand thinks for women of all ages, not only for young girls, but also for mature women, who still love to color their lives with fun motifs and who wish to highlight that side of them that speaks of the ability to dare.

Hill Road collections

The Collina Strada brand presents collections whose garments range from wide and long skirts to super-tight jumpsuits, from swimsuits to shorts, made with special fabrics such as Rose Silk, a natural fiber, worked to offer a unique softness.

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