Do you know why Edwin immediately talks about jeans? Because if we reverse the order of the letters and turn the M upside down, the word DENIM appears. A nice play on words that makes us understand how this material is the main one in the collections of the now iconic Japanese brand, which has helped shape the history of jeans in the world. In 1947, a shop was opened in Tokyo that supplies uniforms to the American army; the owner's son, Shuji Tsunemi, is not very interested in the family business and goes to study in the USA, at Saint Louis University, but his academic training pushes him towards the entrepreneurial sector. In 1961, he took over his father's shop and embarked on experiments, which would later lead him to the world of denim. Returning from America, in fact, Tsunemi had brought back home many models of jeans, which now represent the starting point for studying materials, fits and washes. In 1963, the first model was born, so heavy that it could stand on its own (!), but little by little the passion for this material led the entrepreneur to be the first to create the famous stone washed treatment, now used by anyone who produces jeans .

Edwin jeans

Iconic and timeless, Edwin jeans are a must for those who love casual clothing, but who don't forget refined details. Wide, straight, carrot, slim, skinny: whatever your favorite fit, Edwin has it! Each model is made with only premium denim and is Made in Japan. In addition, you can choose from many washes, ranging from almost black blue to white, perfect for your streetstyle look to wear with sneakers or more formal, to wear with a jacket and lace-ups.

edwin clothing

Starting from jeans, Edwin's wardrobe has expanded to many items, which include sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, but also accessories such as socks, hats, belts, shoppers, which reflect the Japanese style, between the rigor of Sol Levant and manga!

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Edwin 's casual touch mixes perfectly with other iconic brands with the same vibes, such as Diesel and Clot , for super cool mixes!

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