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Endless joy is more than a clothing brand: it is a real artistic project, carried out by Stevie and Alexandra Anderson, who show their pieces of art proposed on eco-sustainable materials. In the vision of the two artists, the human body becomes a mysterious canvas to be decorated, according to the inspirations that arise around the world and which also take their cue from mythology. The symbology made up of life, death and sex is conveyed by original garments, which create a casual total look for the man who loves originality. Craftsmanship, quality at the highest levels, Limited Editions with which no more than 100 pieces are ever made for sustainable models, fabrics and dyes, complete collections for a refined urban style, but one that knows how to mix with simplicity, creating outfits that know how to amaze. Endless joy supports many charitable projects: for example, it plants three trees for each piece sold, promotes social responsibility, helps the Balinese population in stockpiling food supplies. And whoever chooses this brand makes a statement of social intent, as well as unparalleled style!

Endless joy clothing

The Endless joy shirt in silk crepe with the "mad cat" decoration, the jacquard sweater with a representation of the Greek myth of "Leda and the swan", the animalier representations on trousers, jackets and sweaters speak to us of a dreamlike world, made of images on the border between reality and fantasy, full of a symbolic expressionism that defines a unique style in the fashion scene. The Endless joy style is free from labels and confinements, it is precious and pure in intent and is aimed at those who are not afraid to show what is really at the bottom of their heart.

Endless joy blankets

Among the accessories produced by Endless joy , we are particularly struck by the blankets, which you can also find in our store. They are real art objects, in woven organic cotton, over two meters long, with scenes from Milton's "Paradise Lost" or with representations such as that of the tiger and the snake. For those with a non-conformist spirit, we recommend wearing them over the outfit for a decisive and winning style choice.

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With Endless joy , you might think about wearing something original like Clot or Dickies clothes, for matches that don't go unnoticed.

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