The name says it all: forBitches , a newborn brand of highly original handbags, was born from a mispronunciation of the surname of its founder, Gio Forbice, by assonance, a play on words from the period in which the designer lived in the USA. The interesting thing is that the name comes before the product, indeed it is the name itself that inspired her to create a line of accessories, especially bags, with strong peculiarities. The forBitches world is a place populated by dolls that remind us of the Polly Pockets of the 2000s and which express their playful essence on bags (which you can find in our store) and flip flops, plus some short tops. The material used for the accessories is cellulose tracer, worked to create particular shapes, such as bows, butterflies, beads, which seem to have been designed for a little girl, because they are vibrant, colorful and very fun. The shape and concept of her bags comes from a careful analysis of the world of toys and their materials. The girl who loves forBitches is certainly an unconventional person, who loves to appear and who never backs down when it comes to new challenges… even in terms of clothing and accessories!

forBitches handbags

Must-haves of forBitches , bags are its starting point: in our store, you can find the iconic bow model. The Bow Bag can be carried by hand, is made in many trendy colours, opens like a wallet, is Made in Italy and is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, which ensures its sturdiness and waterproofness. Alongside this shape, they find many others, such as the butterfly and half-moon shapes. You can wear your new forBitches both with jeans and with something more sophisticated, because their design and lightness allow you to wear them everywhere, for your urban style.

forBitches flip flops

The forBitches brand also produces nice thick-soled flip flops, also in thermoplastic material, to wear in the city, as well as on the beach!

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The innovative style of forBitches goes well with original brands such as Ba&sh or Equipment Femme , with which to create outfits that won't let you go unnoticed.

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