Italian brand specialized in denim, Haikure has a name of clear Japanese inspiration. "Haiku" is a typical Japanese composition dedicated to nature, while the suffix "re" refers to the ending of all the brand's favorite words and which are nature, pure, future. At the basis of the Haikure philosophy, there is the choice of minimal lines, inspired by nature and sustainable, therefore made with organic and environmentally friendly materials, mostly recycled and recyclable. Haikure was born in 2011 from a previous company still operating in the denim sector (CS jeans), founded in 1981 and has always shown great love for these garments. In our store, you will find all kinds of models, to be worn in your free time, at work, in the evening, because they are capable of reflecting fashion trends on the one hand, and the absolute comfort of a fabric like denim, on the other, made up above all of organic cotton and lyocell, always for a question of sustainability. Discover Haikure in the pages of Block60 and, if you don't know it yet, you'll come to love a brand that could be just the one making your next favorite jeans!

Haikure jeans

Haikure is synonymous with jeans: for this reason, in our store we have selected some models that will be perfect for your season. The production care, the attention to materials and the modern design, but capable of going beyond the seasons will bring you perfect jeans for sneakers as for heels, based on the model you choose. Cropped or floor-length, with different percentages of elastane, so as to be more or less snug, in fantastic stone washed washes, from boy-friend to skinny, Haikure jeans cover every moment of your day, whether it's University , work, time off and evenings on free time. And you can find them all on Block60 !

Haikure clothing

In addition to jeans, Haikure produces various trousers, which use the design of the different models, such as Korea, but reinterpret it with different fabrics, such as cotton.

Super match on Block60

Haikure jeans are suitable for any outfit, but they are very comfortable with brands like Bellerose and Forbitches that share their cool side.

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