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The story of Lacoste begins in 1923, when a young tennis player, René Lacoste, is nicknamed "crocodile" by a journalist, for the determination he always shows on the pitch. In 1927, the nickname became a symbol thanks to the designer Robert George and Lacoste immediately had it embroidered on the blazer, at heart level.
René Lacoste is an all-round tennis player: he wins many cups, including the Davis Cup, writes a book on the technique of the game and decides to create a more comfortable garment to try his hand at tennis, which replaces the shirt. Thus was born the famous crocodile polo shirt which, in a short time, Lacoste's friends and colleagues absolutely wanted. Among the great inventions of this volcanic man is also the metal racket, lighter than wooden ones.
In our store, you will find the Lacoste Live line, the one dedicated to a very fresh and hip hop style, something that moves between vintage and modern, to bring a brand that now has a century of history behind it into the contemporary world.

Lacoste Live T-Shirt

In the Lacoste Live collection, you will certainly find many different t-shirts from the polo, present in the classic collection. For example, you can find the loose fit crew-neck model, with short sleeves and large crocodile logo, to wear in your free moments, because it is a basic garment that goes with everything you can wear when you relax. The polo shirt in this collection, on the other hand, is completely revisited: a slim wallet fit, it has a crisscross cut with an adjustable belt to tie and is short, leaving the belly slightly uncovered and thus giving the ensemble a sexy allure.

Lacoste Live sweaters

A great classic on the tennis court (but not only) is the women's pullover, which Lacoste Live presents to us in braids, with contrasting colored stripes and with different colors in the two halves of the V-neck. To wear it, you don't necessarily have to be a tennis player, but you must love your free time!

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An icon like Lacoste Live goes very well with brands like Ba&sh and Haikure for outdoor outfits!

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