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Laurence Bras is a French designer who loves to convey emotions and values ​​through her women's collections. In her creations, sensitivity combined with childhood memories dominates, such as those linked to the scent of the cake her grandmother made or to those of the clothes hanging in the wardrobes. The style she prefers is linear and comfortable, because she believes that all women love the comfort of pajamas, wide trousers, an oversized men's t-shirt or high-waisted briefs. Thus, beach dresses are born, fluttering and light, in a lingerie style. Laurence Bras ' approach is sensitive and cool, and that's what many of her clients want. Underlying everything is the idea that women's wardrobe is a mix of elegance and simplicity, something that fits and caresses the skin and that accompanies us every day, like the sweetness of a perfume. Her collections are partly made in India, because for the designer, this is the country she loves the most, the one closest to her heart. Among his garments, we find lace dresses, decorated with embroidery, light shirts with delicate prints and the use of poplin for handmade fabrics.

Laurence Bras clothes

Surely, among the most iconic items of Laurence Bras there are the dresses: soft, wide, even in a military style, with long sleeves or with thin shoulder straps, to be worn even over a pair of linen trousers, they are perfect models for the summer , whether you stay in the city or go to the sea, because they are light, comfortable and pleasant on the skin. From solid colors to animal print, Laurence Bras ' wardrobe of clothes is really very interesting and full of garments that you will love.

Laurence Bras shirts

Romantic and wide or slimmer and with a Korean collar, the shirts by Laurence Bras are comfortable models, always aesthetically captivating; to be worn both with jeans and sneakers, and with a tight skirt, these shirts will be a real "turning point" for your next season.

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