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We are in Paris, in 2006, when Anita Radovanovic founded Mes Demoiselles , a very personal brand, in which each garment is filtered by the author's strong but sensitive personality. Beauty, luxury, sensuality are key words in the description of a female wardrobe aimed at an enigmatic, shy, mysterious and fashion-loving woman. His kimonos, trousers, coats, knitwear, skirts, tops and accessories are part of a special and unique world which it is a privilege to enter. If we have to think about the inspirations of this brand, we can certainly refer to 70s fashion, to the all-Parisian bohemian allure, to the class that dissolves in casual tones, which make Mes Demoiselles garments suitable to be worn over everything.
Each item of the French brand speaks of a feminine woman who loves a sophisticated and timeless look and who appreciates the touch of color, which the designer owes to her childhood spent in Montenegro. Craftsmanship, ethnic spirit, contemporary construction techniques: in the Mes Demoiselles collections there is spontaneity, but also great attention to the creation of garments that exude charm and class.

Mes Demoiselles new collection

The new season of Mes Demoiselles takes us to metropolitan contexts in which to wear an oversized suit, a revisited tuxedo, a flared and comfortable shirt dress, a tight top, a pair of very elaborate and embroidered leggings. But the set can also be moved to exotic contexts, between pyramids and archaeological excavations: the colors of the sand and the desert, the very colorful prints that take us directly to the fascinating African continent. The Mes Demoiselles style is original and feminine and capable of taking you to unknown places or making you feel like an explorer even when you move through familiar spaces, such as those of your city.

Mes Demoiselles accessories

Those accessories certainly could not be missing that make a brand like Mes Demoiselles unique: we are talking about scarves, belts, but also scarves and hats that you will love, because they are able to speak of mystery and femininity in a simple but unequivocal way.

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With a brand as special as Mes Demoiselles , we recommend a mix with Ba&sh and Bellerose , for a touch of style.

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