The choice to make jeans was natural for Lela Becker and Tim Kaeding, who founded their Mother in 2010 in multi-ethnic Los Angeles. Their experience with denim leads them to the desire to create something different from the usual and in their boutique they start selling the models they create, all super soft in fit and carefree in design. The indie mood, the cuts and the washes are so many and original that their models are immediately very popular. Their collections are soon enriched with other lines, such as those dedicated to sportswear, outerwear and, of course, accessories, all inspired by California in the 70s, the life of surfers, childhood memories of the two founders and their life in the open air.
Mother is the name they choose for this irreverent brand: the word intends to indicate the duality of nourishment and enchantment, of unconditional love and adolescent rebellion. In our store, you will find the jeans of this brand in different models to be discovered and loved.

Women's mother jeans

Even the names of Mother jeans are interesting. The Ditcher Crop model “Running with scissors” (“running with scissors in hand”, as if to say “doing something dangerous”) is certainly not dangerous to wear: the leg is short to the ankle, the denim semi-rigid, the medium blue wash with fading and whiskers. The other models in our store also have characteristics that make them original, such as the Rumbler Sneak model, with a similar style to the previous one, but long up to the ankle; or the best-selling white model, with an ankle length and a relaxed fit at the waist.

mother clothing

The rest of the Mother collection is certainly no less: between oversized blazers, soft or fitted dresses, summer and floral shirts, denim jackets, t-shirts and everything you could wish for, you will really be spoiled for choice when you will decide to wear a garment of the brand!

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Mother , with the original style of its jeans, is perfect for combinations with brands such as Collina Strada and Golden Goose , with which you can enjoy a season full of sun and fun.

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