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It is impossible to pass in front of a shop window or scroll through a virtual one, without immediately recognizing the Pierre-Louis Mascia garments and accessories. Its originality, the exaggerated patterns, the explosive color palette, the always surprising design are just some of the characteristics of this French designer who founded his brand in 2007 and who finds in Italy, with Achille Pinto, the Como king of silk, his dimension. Pierre-Louis Mascia , who defines himself as an illustrator, begins his career by designing scarves, but his style is so interesting and appreciated that he soon finds himself also making dresses, knitwear, suits and suits in which the psychedelic trait of his reasons. His fantasies, which go from 2D to 3D, touch people's emotions and drag them into a new and colorful world, where everything always seems possible. You cannot wear Pierre-Louis Mascia clothes if you are not an eclectic woman, a lover of originality and who is not afraid to expose herself. The designer says that it is life itself that influences it and not just a single reference, but we can certainly see echoes of Japanese culture, especially in the manufacturing and applications of Washi paper.
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Pierre-Louis Mascia new collection

For those who choose a partnership with a silk giant, quality is certainly very important. Pierre-Louis Mascia amazes us with his colorful and high quality garments, to wear when you want to amaze and be the center of attention. His viscose or silk suits, with trousers and jacket/shirt are just an example of what they were talking about: soft, enveloping, with kaleidoscopic all-over print, they are colorful and summery models for special moments.

Pierre-Louis Mascia clothes

In the new Pierre-Louis Mascia collection, the dresses stand out, such as the beautiful multicolor model, with ankle length and shoulder pads. Very fresh and fun, it's perfect for your evenings on the beach or in the city!

Super match for Block60

When it comes to originality, Pierre-Louis Mascia represents a unicum: we advise you to combine his garments with those of Bellerose and Mes Demoiselles , with which you will never go unnoticed!

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